Reflect: The Divine Message


When the King heard the message the holy man preached against the Altar at Bethel, he reached out to grab him, yelling, “Arrest him!” But his arm was paralyzed and hung useless. At the same time, the Altar broke apart, and the holy offerings all spilled into the dirt—the very sign the holy man had announced by God’s command.

1 Kings 13: 4-5 (MSG)

The man of God brought a message to the King. The King was trying to replace worshiping God with worshipping an idol. The King listens to God’s messenger but still seeks to destroy him because he didn’t want to ruin his precious Altar. Today we don’t build Altar, but we do replace God with things that more to us. We spend the most time with, or the things we have a hard giving up represent idols. My son gets very upset if he cannot find his charger for his phone—it like the end of the world. However, If I asked him where his Bible is, he would shrug his shoulder. His action tells me what was more valuable to my son at this moment. We are all guilty of having an idol at one point in our life. However, when the Lord opens our eyes to this truth or sends someone to tell us, we must listen to that divine message. It’s hard to hear when we are distracted by our own agenda. When we make God our agenda we completely surrender to Him and allow Him to be the captain of our life. Change through challenges will bring us closer to God. Regardless of what you are going through now, God is eager to deliver a message to you. “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name( Psalm 91:14, NIV).


What divine message is God giving to you today? Are you doing something that is displeasing to God? Write out a confession of what you are doing. Bring your confession to the Lord, asking Him to forgive you and let him know you are ready to repent and accept the message of change. Now, take the page out of your book, burn it, or shred it to symbolize that you are ready to start afresh with the Lord today.

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