Reflect: God’s Plan is Forever


But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever;

his intentions can never be shaken.

Psalm 33:11

We need to know God’s plan for our life to achieve success. Yet, it is straightforward because God’s plan is already in play. We seek success in a way that is difficult. Here is an example, I want some chocolate cake, so I am searching for the right ingredients, but the cake was already made by God and in an undisclosed location. All I need to do is ask, seek, and knock. However, I am not asking, seeking, or knocking. Instead, I am working hard, trying hard, and playing hard. God plans for us to prosper, have hope, and a future forever through His son Jesus Christ. His goal is no secret. However, the world entices us to seek a worldly plan of success, where we have to work hard to achieve. Christ already did the heavy lifting for us to have a life of peace, love, hope, and blessing eternally. God’s plan stands the test of time; it’s forever.

To achieve a life of successful seek God’s plan, include it in your life, for a blessing. We are working hard for temporary success. However, living in God’s plan gives us success forever.


What are you working hard to achieve right now? Please write it down and add a timeline for when it will be accomplished. However, regardless of your plan, you can make Christ the foundation by writing a prayer to God about your list, asking Him to show you how it can become His; when we include God’s plan in our plan, it’s the best plan for our life.

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