Jesus Is The Perfect Role Model

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

What examples of Jesus do you want to practice more in your life?

Love is the most overused word today. This may be because very few people understand the real meaning of love. Every day I have come to realize why love is stressed so much in the Bible. The simple reason is that love is important. A strong reminder that I need is that love is not a feeling; it is a commitment. When we love God, we commit our lives to please Him. Even if we do not live, as we should, as Christians, we still avoid some things that we know displease God. We are imperfect humans who can still love God by trying to do His will, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

When we love God, we obey His commandments. In the Bible, 1 John 2: 3 states, “And we can be sure that we know Him if we obey His commandments.” When we know God, we love God. The best way to know God is through His only Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the best role model for us. He came as God incarnate to show us what we can do to know God and to love God.

1. Jesus loved his enemies, even those who plotted to kill him. This is the most difficult thing for us to do as humans. However, as hard as it is, praying for our enemies frees our souls.

2. Jesus did not threaten anyone, while He was dying on the cross. Thinking about what we say can help us, but the best thing to do is to be silent and listen.

3. Jesus forgave His disciples, even when they disowned Him.

4. Jesus was not picky; he ate with sinners.

Based on the above examples, wherein Jesus showed love, Jesus is the perfect role model. We can live by His examples and feel the love of God in our lives. I believe that the most important example that Jesus gave us was that He did not love the world. He knew that He must be rejected by this world to please God. When we read about Jesus and His life, we can see that His only purpose was to carry out the will of God and not the pleasures of the flesh. If we want to transform our lives to be like Christ, then we must use Him as our role model. To be as Christ is to live like Christ.

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